Sort by: 450 rubles’m preparing students for final exams, OGE and EGE (base), exam profile. Has experience in school and University.

Now working at the

University. Do … Polina Yana Vladimirovna Saratov Want to learn folk singing, to understand and experience our true culture? We’re waiting you in my classes! You need to learn how to extract the audio … Xenia Saratov Qualified and effective assistance in the Russian language.

Preparing for the exam. Anatoly Stepanovich Experienced tutor (experience of more than 30 years) will help students of 7-11 grades and adult students to improve grades, prepare for the successful completion of the exam … Georgy Yurievich 350 RUB will Prepare you for the exam in physics.

University lecturer, PhD, experience 20 years. Elena Saratov Sessions with a speech THERAPIST, a teacher of ORATORY (full-time in Saratov or Skype) gives:  diagnosis of speech and professional correction … Olga the Office of a child psychologist, defectologist “Beloved hedgehog” – preparing for school, including children with disabilities; – teaching preschoolers to read … Yulia Saratov Your child goes to not able to read? To write? And a lot of panic !Offer training to schools: individually, I wonder … Marina Nikolaevna 450 RUB.

Prepare a cart in the winter, and GIA, DGE, EGE – summer))))high-Quality preparation for the GIA, EGE without “cramming”. Form of submission – examples, diagrams, etc is needed … Marina Nikolaevna 600 RUB.

For everyone who loves to sing! Vocal lessons in groups and individually! Formulation and development development of musical hearing, and musical – rhythmic skills. … Svetlana Saratov Assistance in preparing a test, coursework or thesis work in any legal discipline.

The remedial action (if any) are guaranteed for free. … Ksenia Saratov 900 RUB Students – preparation for the unified state exam and the GIA.

The students help in preparing for taking tests, modules, exams. Anna Matveeva All kinds of work (diploma, course, control, laboratory work and other projects) chemistry (General and inorganic, organic, Bioorganic … Anna Matveeva Natalia teach piano, singing, ear training for children from 5 years, teenagers, pupils of music schools and simply those who love and want to play and sing just … Irina Saratov 500 RUB will Assist in the study of the subject pupils 7 – 11 classes.

Prepare for the delivery of the OGE and EGE, interim evaluation. It is possible to conduct classes in your home.

… Elena Saratov Teach piano at any level, adults and children above 6 ng experience of 5 graduating from the Conservatory work as a teacher and accompanist,winner of the … Elena Ksenia Saratov Nadezhda Olegovna Give lessons in mathematics to students grades 5 to 11, will help to understand the necessary material, to fill knowledge gaps, prepare for the GIA, EGE, conversion exams … Natalia Saratov Svetlana Saratov Svetlana Saratov 400 RUB Lessons piano for children (from 6 years) and adults! Experience of 3 years. Red diploma received.

L. V. Sobinov.

District – Frunzenskaya, Volzhsky. … Beneficial Raisa Mikhailovna Training at any level, help with homework, learning musical works of Svetlana Saratov gcse physics coursework help can 800 RUB.

Have teaching experience of 25 years, cook 9 and 11 classes to pass the GIA and EGE, working on the result, have higher results for their students for the delivery … Tatyana Irina speech Therapist in Saratov. Production sound.

The development of speech. Teaching reading skills.

  • Preparation for school
  • The correction of dysgraphia

Will help Your child in Russian … Lyudmila Vladimirovna Natalia Petrovna 310 RUB Teach any guitar at any level! For any age and any experience! An interesting program of training, will not be bored! You will learn to play … Politin Vladislav